El BANNA Group is the Middle East market pioneer in many industries including poultry, agricultural, packaging, medical and tourism.

AGREEN is a part of EL Banna Group; it's the largest grower and exporter of citrus in the world.

AGREEN is the biggest grower of citrus in the world with annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of citrus subject to annual increase of 25%.

AGREEN started its business in 1995, in agricultural adventure by reclaiming 1000 acres of fertile soil and started to cultivate them with all kinds of citrus.

AGREEN decided to expand every year in more areas and to increase the plantations in three main areas which are Wadi EL Malak , Wadi EL Natron and Sadat. In 2017, AGREEN had 18500 acres of citrus fruits with a total production of 200,000 tons though there were more than 30% of the planted trees didn’t come into production due to young trees which were planted two years ago

AGREEN is planning to plant 9500 acres of new varieties of citrus in 2018, AGREEN production will reach half million tons of citrus in year 2025.

AGREEN has in its citrus farms all varieties of oranges, Mandarins, Lemons and Grape fruit. In 2007, AGREEN focused on exporting and decided to cut the Middlemen and go directly to export its production to all countries instead of selling the fruits on trees to the Egyptian exporters.

AGREEN is exporting nowadays more than 170,000 tons out of its productions and the rest of production is being sold to the local Egyptian market.


We strive to maintain a long term sustainable value for our consumers, employees, partners and society as whole. We target a long term business development over short term profits, high quality products with exceptional value and first-class service.

Customers’ satisfaction is a main concern of our professional team which maintains a maximum level of mutual trust through supplying the market with our highest quality products that exceeds customer’s expectation.

  • Satisfy customer needs
  • Provide various types of citrus fruits in cost-effective prices
  • Expanding our market and developing higher quality products


To be one of the world leading global exporter and grower specialist in agricultural investment through our performance and commitment to our core valuess

Our Strength

AGREEN is the biggest grower of citrus in the world and this give AGREEN a big control on the quality of the fruits and to monitor all the fruits from harvest till delivery to the clients