Agreen Farms

AGREEN started its business in 1995, in agricultural adventure by reclaiming 1000 acres of fertile soil and started to cultivate them with all kinds of citrus

AGREEN decided to expand every year in more areas and to increase the plantations in three main areas which are Wadi EL Molak, Wadi EL Natron and Sadat.

In 2017 , AGREEN had 18500 acres or citrus fruits with a total production of 200,000 tons though there were more than 30% of the planted trees didn’t come into production due to young areas which were planted two years ago.

AGREEN is planning to plant 9500 acres of new varieties of citrus in 2018 .

AGREEN maintains their own nurseries which grow the best rootstocks and use only the highest quality seed sources. Our nurseries are considered to be the biggest in Egypt as it contains hundreds of virus free rootstocks, seeds, parents and new varieties of plants; AGREEN plants all their orchards from its owned certified nurseries.

AGREEN uses carefully the best disinfected varieties of plants to prevent disease. As well as the company uses clean salt-free sand medium and moss peat or compost.

AGREEN production will reach half million tons of citrus in year 2025. AGREEN has in its citrus farms all varieties of Oranges, Mandarins, Lemons and Grape fruit.

AGREEN In the near future, the company plans to introduce new citrus varieties using the latest techniques in fertilization, irrigation, pruning, and best management.