Agreen Farms

Our journey to success passed through three main phases:

In 1995, AGREEN came into existence by launching its agriculture venture with planting 1000 acres of oranges.

Steadily, since 1995 we have been geared up for increasing the planted area. The year 2017 was very significant for AGREEN Farms development, as the company expanded its cultivated land to reach 15,000 acres planted with citrus fruits with a total production of 220,000 tons.

Two years later, in 2018 & 2019. Pursuing its expansion journey, AGREEN planted another 14000 acres to end up with a total planted area of 29000 acres of citrus, olives, dates, mangoes and grapes.

Along the road of continuous development and success. AGREEN managed to produce and harvest high quality products that won the consumers trust all around the world. AGREEN now maintains their own nurseries, which grow the best rootstocks and use only the highest quality seed sources.

Our nurseries are considered to be the biggest in Egypt as they contain hundreds of virus free rootstocks, seeds, parents and new varieties of plants. AGREEN plants its orchards from its own certified nurseries. AGREEN uses carefully the best disinfected varieties of plants to prevent diseases. In addition, the company uses clean salt-free sand medium and moss peat or compost.

In the near future, the company plans to introduce new citrus varieties using the newest techniques in fertilization, irrigation, pruning, and under control and supervision of wise management.