Packing House

AGREEN constructed its first pack house in 2007, using high tech fruit machinery with the capacity of packing 400 Pallets per day

In 2014, AGREEN built its second pack house with a capacity of 800 pallets per day, designed with the latest blemish and automatic sorting technology.

AGREEN iis to build its third and fourth pack houses soon. The third packhouse is planned to operate in 2020, while the fourth will shortly follow in the coming few years. The capacity of the third and fourth packhouses will be 1500 pallets per day to end up with a gross total of 3300 pallets per day for all AGREEN pack houses.

AGREEN applies state-of-the-art-technology in its third and fourth packhouses, equipping them with the most modern machinery. This in turn facilitates packing the oranges once harvested from trees, and keeping them fresh to guarantee the highest quality at the lowest price.

Engaging the business in Egypt, AGREEN is keen to employ professional and qualified personnel to joint its marketing, commercial, technical, quality, and logistics teams to ensure the best services to its clients.