Packing House

AGREEN constructed its first pack house in 2007 with high Tech fruit machinery with the capacity of packing 500 tons per day.

In 2014, AGREEN constructed its second pack house with capacity of 800 pallets per day and designed with the latest blemish and automatic sorting technology.

AGREEN is planning to construct its third and fourth pack houses in 2019 and 2020; the capacity of the third and fourth pack houses will be 2000 pallets per day to end up with a total capacity of 3300 pallets per day for all AGREEN pack houses.

AGREEN applied the full automation technology in the third and fourth pack houses with the best machinery in the world. As a result of engaging in Egypt business, professional marketing, commercial, technical, quality and logistic team were employed to present the best service for our clients. Because of the closeness of the packing house to the fields, AGREEN was able to pack their oranges immediately after cutting them from trees that helped in keeping them fresh which ensures the highest quality at the lowest price.

AGREEN uses the latest anti-infection substances and natural wax to obtain high quality oranges that keep their color, shape and taste up to six months so our clients were able to store and maintain good orange condition and sell them later into the season.

AGREEN is able to supply the best oranges to international market through combining its integrated strategy of growing the finest oranges and its high tech packing equipment.